I consider myself relatively worldly, but Farid Noori is first person I’ve ever met from Afghanistan. Farid grew up in Afghanistan and is studying economics in hopes of turning that into a cycling career.

While, I’ve dealt with frost heaves growing up in New Hampshire, Farid’s dealt with the Taliban. It’s humbling. Though we’re from entirely different backgrounds, we’ve both seen the power to unite through the bicycle. Farid has huge hopes to build mountain bike trails throughout the enormous, stunning mountains of Afghanistan, to literally use bikes uplift, educate, and empower people in his country.

Along the way, he hopes to race on the global stage under his native Afghan flag, which is where I was able to share a few stories. In that love or riding and racing, we’re similar, and despite being so different, our love for the bike is identical.


We created the Unity Jersey, a bold design on our ES Jersey, aimed at celebrating what unites us. 100% of the profits from its sale goes to one of four charities of the buyer's choice, each with a mission to unify and celebrate togetherness.