By early June this year, nearly five million Ukrainians had fled their country, in many cases leaving behind other family, long held homes and lives built for decades. War is often spoken about as a far off or historic act, the benefit of distance softening the lost of life and the loss of unity armed conflict creates.

There’s no escaping the effects of the war in Ukraine in 2022 and we have friends and colleagues who have been directly impacted. Their pain is real and their hardship makes a better way very clear: to that end, we’re focusing this year’s fundraising efforts directly into the hands that help. As with every UNITY campaign, 100% of the proceeds will support this year’s cause, aid for refugees affected by the war in Ukraine.

To ride in solidarity with our friends and to support these non-profits, see this year’s UNITY jersey.


This jersey is pre-order only. Pre order closes July 20th.


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Providing emergency aid for civilians in need, including food assistance, water and sanitation, support to health care and education services, and shelter assistance to rebuild damaged homes.

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UNICEF Ukraine

Providing children with access to water, sanitation, nutrition, education, health, and protection services.

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Doctors Without Borders

Providing a range of direct medical assistance working with local volunteers, organizations, health care professionals and authorities

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