At Velocio, we are committed to creating the world's best cycling apparel for every cyclist. All of our clothing is designed for on the bike comfort and performance, meaning every piece of kit is designed from the ground up to provide optimal compression and muscle support, across all body types, for all types of riding. Our philosophy is that fit and size are two separate elements in cycling clothing. "Fit" refers to how the clothing is designed to fit a rider, considering compression, breathability, support and other benefits.


Here’s the rub (see what we did there?): All of our bibs are designed for optimal fit on the bike. When trying-on or wearing your bibs for the first time, try them on the bike (or mimicking on the bike posture) to feel an ideal approximation of fit. Different parts of the bibs will fit and feel more comfortable in the riding position vs. standing upright. Hence, we offer our 30-Day Signature Guarantee for a complete test. The best bibs don’t feel perfect standing in front of a mirror. The design makes pedaling better.


Designed to have highly compressive feel across legs and hips

Materials are engineered to have stretch conforming to the shape and length of the rider - on the bike

All bib shorts will “break-in” after a few rides and washes, conforming to the shape of the rider

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Regardless of size, each jersey is designed for optimal fit on the bike. When trying on our jerseys for the first time, riders might notice the front hem is shorter when standing upright. However, when on-the-bike in the riding position, you'll notice the jersey optimally hits the torso without bulk or folding. Our more compressive jersey will help provide support and stability for all-day rides while still allowing you to easily reach back pockets while on the bike.


Designed to be form-fit and tailored, providing light compression, muscle support, exceptional comfort and streamlined look

Our Size-specific cut considers rider proportions across the whole size range, providing a more tailored fit whether you're an XS, M or XXL

Each jersey model has specific amount of compression and form-fit based on intended use (e.g., Concept is more compressive than RECON)

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Our jerseys and bib shorts are intended to be form fit, providing compressive support, maximizing performance of the fabrics, and reducing fatigue and chafing. Due to the compressive nature of the fabrics, you will be able to fit into more than one size.

Finding the right size is both prescriptive as well as personal preference. Our recommendation is to find a flexible tape measure and take your own body measurements. Apply these to the detailed sizing guide offered on each product page to determine the recommended size for you. 

Use the charts below to help determine your optimum size:

Find your weight along the top of the height & weight table.

Look down the left column to find your appropriate size.

Each size has a height range based on weight.

If you find that you are on the upper or lower end of height and weight for a given size, the garment will have more or less compression respectively.

Keep in mind:

If you're "between" sizes, consider going up or down based on your preference of length and compression. 

Most of our collection uses stretch fabrics designed to fit close to the body for comfort and performance. There are many benefits to the intended fit - stick with it! If it just isn't working for you, every piece is backed by our Signature Guarantee.