The bike for me is often a solitary venture. It’s not necessarily by choice, but more often than not I prefer it that way. I find it an opportunity to reflect, to solve problems and find resolve on the day in a way that’s unique to riding. This feels more immediate than ever as we launch our spring collection into these strange days of March, 2020.

Riding has become part of my creative process - both from a development perspective, such as what fabric to use here, or how to reshape a seam there, but also in what draws inspiration in terms of color and design.

Most of our collection is decidedly minimalist in aesthetic, yet we do have opportunities each season to push beyond clean and simple lines and incorporate more artful concepts. For S/S ’20 bold print and color have been incorporated throughout, drawing inspiration from far reaching areas to create striking design that still compliments our more core collection.

- Brad Sheehan, CEO + Design

Razzle Dazzle

Inspired by the dazzle camo developed during World War I on warships, the bold contrast and intersecting shapes are intended to deceive the eye and make it difficult to perceive range, speed or heading. That feels appropriate today as we head toward the unknown.
velocio Velocio_SS20_304
velocio Velocio_SS20_279
velocio Velocio_SS20_312
Anna Grace wearing Dazzle UL Jersey / LUXE Bib Short / UL Glove
velocio Velocio_SS20_320
velocio Velocio_SS20_364
velocio Velocio_SS20_435
velocio Velocio_SS20_446
velocio Velocio_SS20_456

Signs of Spring

Magnolias are an early sign of warmer spring days: the days when layers come off and the air begins to change. They are also among the oldest traceable flowers still blooming on earth today with fossilized remains dating to 20 million years ago and herein is a type of reassuring continuity.
velocio Velocio_SS20_413
Lauren wearing Floral SE Jersey / LUXE Bib Short
velocio Velocio_SS20_459
Brad wheelie-ing in Floral SE Jersey / LUXE Bib Short
velocio Velocio_SS20_452
velocio Velocio_SS20_451
velocio Velocio_SS20_265
velocio Velocio_SS20_291
velocio Velocio_SS20_294
velocio Velocio_SS20_283
velocio Velocio_SS20_286

S/S '20

As we continue to roll out our Spring Collection into challenging and unknown times, we hope that we can provide at least a distraction and motivation to seek the outdoors wherever possible. We're thankful for your continued support and look forward to seeing you out on the road.