Six years ago, I met Tayler while riding and racing my bike. She forever changed me and my life's trajectory. While at first we did not speak, hours of pedaling has a way of opening people up and pretty quickly we had a connection. Neither of us saw it coming but neither of us could deny it. It was not easy with both of us coming out of relationships with men, our significant age difference and the fact that we were teammates, but Tayler was the most beautiful, interesting and compassionate person I had ever met and finding a way to be together was paramount. Initially our relationship was met with shock and dismay but eventually, and mostly, support and understanding. Cycling was our initial connection and it remains our shared passion. We have both met the most incredible people through our cycling journey who have embraced us as we embrace them.

I am a Woman, an Immigrant and I am Gay! All three in part define me and all three together or individually could put me in a position in another time or place where I experience prejudice, victimization or even persecution. Maybe I have experienced mild prejudice but mostly I count myself lucky to be extremely privileged. Cycling for me easily breaks down the perceived or real barriers that come with difference and at the end of the day pedaling alongside others on roads, trails or gravel just shows that we are all just humans and it is a perfect avenue to find love and acceptance.


We created the Unity Jersey, a bold design on our ES Jersey, aimed at celebrating what unites us. 100% of the profits from its sale goes to one of four charities of the buyer's choice, each with a mission to unify and celebrate togetherness.