Unity 2021

In the earliest parts of a very long ride, the most difficult obstacle to confront isn’t the physical action itself. It’s doubt and anxiety that offer up a type of internal headwind. Can this be done?

Likewise, until only recently, any mention of climate activism, any call to action or push elicited the same type of defeat before the effort began. But denial has given way to alarm and alarm has moved public action. 67% of Americans believe we’re facing a climate crisis with roughly the same number now seeing some local effects of climate change.

The darkest parts of a difficult ride are in the unknowing, the point when the rider isn’t sure that finishing is really possible. That’s where we are in the fight for climate action.

There is, however, a point to push towards. There are benchmarks that highlight progress: Reductions in coal use and divestment campaigns in fossil fuels are driving infrastructure and public sentiment. Solar costs are now competitive with fossil fuels (even without government subsidies). Agricultural and transportation initiatives abound with a focus on sustainable solutions. Efficiency matters more now across a host of industries more than ever before.

Consumers are growing more aware of the fact that they can’t always consume. To that end, we’ve made this year’s UNITY effort not contingent on buying the jersey. You’ll see places to purely donate to the causes and skip the energy required to make another jersey.

How can we come together further for UNITY in the face of a changing climate? How can we move in unison through the challenges and inevitable loss that we’re facing? How do we lift up the people that the climate crisis will affect disproportionately? How do we beat back our own doubt?

A big challenge requires resolve, a steadfast cadence towards progress and in the face of the climate crises, there isn’t merely a better way, there’s only one way. Forward.