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Designed for temperatures from freezing (or lower when paired with Alpha Long Sleeve) to 50°F/10°C and capable of warding off all but the most torrential downpours.


In our Northeast home, we ride through every weather condition imaginable, from sleet, to rain, to freezing mornings, hot afternoons and everything in between. The Softshell jacket draws on over six years of development and testing to create a winter jacket versatile enough to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclist, covering a broad range of temps and conditions. We started with an entirely new pattern, working to balance a trim, flap-free fit, with full mobility and comfort, and room to layer underneath.

We partnered with eVent, a leader in high-performance membranes, to develop our proprietary three-layer softshell, incorporating their Direct Vent stretch membrane with Primaloft performance yarn backer and durable stretch woven and DWR treated face. The result is a truly breathable softshell that has the ability to manage moisture and keep the internal climate warm, but dry -- a critical equation for long winter miles. Designed for temperatures from freezing to 50F/10C and capable of warding off all but the most torrential downpours, thanks to its 10K waterproof membrane, it's a one-jacket solution to winter riding.

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Sizing Guide

Our jerseys and bib shorts are intended to be form fit, providing compressive support, maximizing performance of the fabrics, and reducing fatigue and chafing. Due to the compressive nature of the fabrics, you will be able to fit into more than one size. Please use the charts below to help determine your optimum size:

  • Find your weight along the top of the table.
  • Look down the column to find your appropriate size.
  • Each size has a height range based on weight.
  • If you find that you are on the upper or lower end of height and weight for a given size, the garment will have more or less compression respectively.
  • Use the Dimensions Details chart to further dial in your fit.

Still unsure or need help? No problem! Email us at service@velocio.cc. Remember that every piece is backed by our Signature Guarantee.

Height & Weight Size Ranges

Our sizing chart represents the majority of riders we’ve worked with first hand in our clothing. If your size falls outside of the specified chart, please contact customer service for insights or take advantage of our Signature Guarantee which allows for testing and return within 30 days if your riding experience, including fit, isn’t improved.

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  • Size 90 - 100 lbs. 100 - 110 lbs. 110 - 120 lbs. 120 - 130 lbs. 130 - 140 lbs. 140 - 150 lbs. 150 - 160 lbs. 160 - 170 lbs. 170 - 180 lbs. 180 - 190 lbs. 190 - 200 lbs. 200 - 210 lbs. 210 - 220 lbs. 220 - 230 lbs. 230 - 240 lbs. 240 lbs. +
    XXS 4'10" 5'2"
    XS 5' 5'7"
    S 5'1" 5'9"
    M 5'4" 5'10"
    L 5'6" 6'+
    XL 5'6" 6'+
    XXL 5'6" 6'+
    XXXL 5'6" 6'+
  • Size 41 - 45 kg 45 - 50 kg 50 - 54 kg 54 - 59 kg 59 - 64 kg 64 - 68 kg 68 - 73 kg 73 - 77 kg 77 - 82 kg 82 - 86 kg 86 - 91 kg 91 - 95 kg 95 - 100 kg 100 - 104 kg 104 - 109 kg 109 kg +
    XXS 147cm 157cm
    XS 152cm 170cm
    S 155cm 175cm
    M 163cm 178cm
    L 168cm 183cm +
    XL 168cm 183cm +
    XXL 168cm 183cm +
    XXXL 168cm 183cm +

Dimension Details

  • Size Chest Waist Hip
    XXS 29" - 31" 22" - 24" 31.5" - 33.5"
    XS 31" - 33" 24" - 26" 33.5" - 35.5"
    S 33" - 35" 26" - 28" 35.5" - 37.5"
    M 35" - 37.5" 28" - 30.5" 37.5" - 40"
    L 37.5" - 40" 30.5" - 33" 40" - 42.5"
    XL 40" - 42.5" 33" - 35.5" 42.5" - 45.5"
    XXL 42.5" - 45" 35.5" - 38" 45.5" - 48.5"
    XXXL 45" - 47.5" 38" - 40.5" 48.5" - 51.5"
  • Size Chest Waist Hip
    XXS 74cm - 79cm 56cm - 61cm 80cm - 85cm
    XS 79cm - 84cm 61cm - 66cm 85cm - 90cm
    S 84cm - 89cm 66cm - 71cm 90cm - 95cm
    M 89cm - 95cm 71cm - 77cm 95cm - 102cm
    L 95cm - 102cm 77cm - 84cm 102cm - 108cm
    XL 102cm - 108cm 84cm - 90cm 108cm - 116cm
    XXL 108cm - 114cm 90cm - 97cm 116cm - 123cm
    XXXL 114cm - 121cm 97cm - 103cm 123cm - 131cm
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Claire W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

My Winter go-to jacket

I was looking for a winter jacket and spotted this in the sale. I'm 159 cm, 50Kgs but quite curvy, and going by the cm on the size guide rather than the height/weight chart, opted for the Small, a good choice. I took this out today when the weather forecast said overcast, 4 degrees C to 7 degrees C. The shoulders, arms and sleeves fit my long arms and wide shoulders very nicely. From the waist down the fit is tighter, I'd have liked a tad more room for wearing more layers. The rear pockets are positioned a little high although good and deep. Maybe after a few more outings stuffed with the usual ride paraphernalia they will sit a little lower. The jacket has some lovely features. The front pocket - oh! how I have longed for somewhere easily accessed to put the tissue for my ever-running nose and lipsalve. The material seems a little thin but with one light long sleeved merino layer and a lightweight vest I was certainly warm enough. It's very light to wear and not stiff at all, with an unexpected amount of stretch. I think this will be a piece that will work hard for me all through the winter.

Janelle P.
Canada Canada

Great jacket!

Excellent for layering. I have worn this on the road in below 0 Celsius temperature. I like that it’s lightweight but warm so you don’t feel restricted in your riding clothes!

Kathrin W.
Germany Germany

The ultimate cycling jacket

I have the 2019 version of this jacket (in olive green) but I reckon the 2020 version is essentially the same. I am very impressed with this jacket. I suffer badly from the cold, no matter how many layers I wear. I find that the front of the arms and the lower back are usually not protected well enough in other lady winter jackets, and I get unpleasant cold spots. The Velocio softshell is unique in that it looks "simple" (there are not 12 different zones or anything like that) and yet it is the one jacket that keeps me equally warm everywhere (no cold spots) without making me sweaty. The material is very firm, I was worried about it being too rigid at first, but it ends up feeling very comfortable and I have come to appreciate the firmness of this jacket on longer winter rides. I pair the jacket with a longsleeve baselayer, and on cold days with the alpha long sleeve. This allows me to ride in temperatures down to around 5-8°C. If it gets colder than that I actually add a non-cycling jacket, which is a puffy Primaloft jacket that is breathable, and that seems to do the job. I have tried the Recon vest, but it didn't work for me. Again, I feel the cold terribly, and anything below 5°C is a real struggle for me. Most important for me is a jacket that doesn't make me sweaty, and the Velocio softshell is a miracle in that regard. I don't ride in heavy rain, if I can avoid it, but the little drizzles I have experienced were no problem for it. Until now, my favourite jacket was a Gabba longsleeve jacket, but I found it has a smaller temperature range and I do end up sweating in it more than in the Velocio softshell.

Naomi C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Very warm for the weight

I like this jacket. It is amazingly warm for what feels lightweight, and mostly I wear one merino base layer under it. Now it is around 0C I have added another and am toasty.

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