Velocio supports the Conservation Alliance

If you follow mountain bike buying habits, you’ll notice that the trampoline-inclined suspension of the last half decade with its travel stretching beyond 160mm is falling out of favor. That’s not to say mountain bikers are any less inclined to tear down, drop off, or otherwise roost every trail available. It’s more that, in this moment, there’s a reiteration on pedaling, on finesse and on the type of experience that emphasizes fun at every pedal stroke. We reimagined our riding collection for just this moment and further emphasized that fun by adding a bit of love for the places where trails stretch wide into the wild.

We’re giving 10% of TRAIL sales to protect wild lands through the month of August. Working again with the Conservation Alliance, benefactors of our public lands jersey of last year, we’ll donate money that will go to the purchase, easement and protection of wild places, another example of the emphasis being on the experience. There is a better way.

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