Where many "softshells" tend to be thick and heavy, providing very little breathability and often end up overheating, we wanted to make something entirely different. The aim was a jacket and vest that could protect from the cold and precipitation while remaining breathable and light enough to work across a broad range of temps.

We worked with our Italian lamination partner to create an entirely proprietary fabric. Using the highly breathable eVent DVStrech membrane at its core, we added a Primaloft performance yarn backer to enhance thermal protection and wicking. What does that mean for riding? A new take on softshell. It is actually soft, but also stretchy, exceptionally breathable and light while remaining protective.

To create a great fitting jacket, we looked back at five years of development and found that the ideal jacket is close fitting and tailored, yet still providing enough room for layering. That’s where we landed: our new Signature Softshell is an answer to weather’s questions when riding outside from late Fall through early Spring.


Like every product in our collection, the Signature Softshell is part of our Signature Guarantee - try it for 30 days (as in, wear it every day if you'd like) and if it's not the best winter jacket you've ever owned, return it for a full refund. 

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