There are many Fruitas and each is defined by the season and crowds, the trail conditions and the time of day. The Fruita we visited was marked by hero dirt, the ground smelling like spring petricor, and the unbridled joy that comes with a riding season stretched out on the calendar ahead. There have been no shortage of media posted about Fruita. That’s because it’s a rider’s paradise, every bit the iconic spot it portends in pictures.

The 2019 TRAIL Collection bears a host of refined details, fit and color options for the off-road season ahead. 


velocio tom nate landscape sunset

Tom Sampson (@tomsampson3) leads Nate Hills (@natehills1) over tacky dirt in the early Western Slope light wearing the refined Velocio Trail Short, Radiator Trail Tee and Modal Tee respectively.
velocio nate modal tee fire red trail short

Nate Hills created FollowCamFriday, a weekly vicarious look at great riding near his home in Grand Junction, Colorado. Join the 107,000 viewers on his page where his handlebars are mostly visible. Kit: Velocio Trail Short, Modal Tee.
velocio tom flash green tee navy short
velocio overhead flow
velocio zephyr surfing

When she isn’t shredding national-level Enduro races, Zephyr Sylvester (@zephly) is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Colorado focused on data science in ecological applications. Kit: Velocio Trail Short, Velocio Radiator Trail Tee, Signature Sock.
velocio tom seated
velocio zephyr air
velocio trio river trail

Mary’s Loop Flow: the Colorado River shines.
velocio zephyr tree
velocio zephyr flash green titanium
velocio tom into sunset

velocio zephyr sunset

velocio trail short zip pocket titanium green
velocio tom ultralight jacket trail short
velocio ridgeline silhouette

Ridge running at 18 Road. Twilight riding to close out the day.
Photos: Fred Marmsater // April 2019

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