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Artistic exploration meets aero patterns in our latest Special Edition Jersey. Our Ice Dye jerseys begin by hand with carefully curated color. Vermont textile artist, Caroline Damon hand dyed a base fabric to create one-of-a-kind patterns, each photographed and printed on our Signature SE Jerseys.

I love bold colors and unique combinations of them because they keep me rooted in the moment and in a sense of place. Color gives my brain something to explore and admire.
Caroline Damon

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Process & Print

The Ice-dyeing process starts with mounding ice on top of the fabric, sprinkling a selection of powdered dye on the ice, and letting the ice melt. The result is a unique pattern of color and depth. Pair the Ice Dye SE Jersey and Luxe bib short to create a bold Spring/Summer bundle for long miles on the bike or the Signature Bib Short for a clean and classic fit.

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velocio Velocio_SS20_255
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