When we decided to start with a clean sheet of paper to design a new rain shell, we had a long list of requirements and bests that we needed to address. The main one being that it couldn’t be just for rain.

With an entirely new pattern, it incorporates 3D shaping, articulated sleeves, shoulder and back to fit flawlessly on the bike, yet still allow for a range of layers beneath. Every detail was reconsidered and reengineered to minimize bulk, maximize on-bike function and keep with our ultra-clean aesthetic. This is rain wear that you can reach for when it isn’t raining. A jacket & vest that does threatening skies and foggy days, windy starts and mountain descents.

The basis for this all-season protective wonder is ultralight eVent fabric, with its Direct Vent membrane that doesn’t require heat & moisture build up inside for it to start working (unlike almost every other membrane on the market), critical for comfort, over the long haul.

To make the most of eVent, we considered every detail and packed it full of features to reduce bulk, improve packability and increase function when the weather is at its worst. 

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