Farm stands, general stores, great coffee shops, famous stops along the way: Wayside explores the best stops in cycling.

There’s no wifi at La Fabrica. Count that among its charms, its ability to lift life’s burdens. The stomping grounds of pro cyclists and local Catalan food aficionados alike, La Fabrica serves food second and culture foremost. Its approach is over worn stone steps with ancient Roman walls as the backdrop, magical and old-world feeling. Inside, exposed stone walls and a grand medieval table is the centerpiece flanked by familiar faces. Smiling counter staff greet me and I love being a regular.

Hola. Bon Dia.

Appropriate to cycling’s global culture, this coffee and cycling focused stop is owned by Canadians, staffed by Catalans with an Aussie for good measure. Good chats abound while I order my favorites, a Cortado, or an Americano, a Cafe con Leche or a Pourover. La Fabrica uses beans that are thoughtfully sourced and expertly roasted nearby at Espresso Mafia, a sister location. While I order, I’m trying not to be tempted by the array of baked goods. (The "Hummingbird cake" is to die for.) On the odd day I might have a muesli bowl breakfast or a lunch. The eggs are perfect. The produce is local and fresh. Typically, though, I’m in need of ride food like a banana or pear bread diligently packed in tinfoil for protection in a jersey pocket. It’s the bread that burns a hole in my head until it's time to devour it half way through the ride.

ZUPER-29678 (1)

At La Fabrica, sitting in its outdoor courtyard, you are served your coffee and treats on little wooden boards, coffee is in cups without handles. There is always someone new rocking up on a bike whether living locally or just in town for a few days to experience cycling in Girona and all it has to offer, which in our case is conversation and laughter. Stories and the shared language of pedaling. Coffee and snacks. Adieu La Fabrica, moltes gracies, until next time!

Oliva Dillon is a former pro racer. She now works in sales and business development for Velocio.