Somewhere after grade school, meeting someone for the first time gets wrapped in a guarded cynicism. Why should I care? is the cost of modern life. The older one gets, the harder it is to share a real experience. Ride a bike with them, though? Pedal through hours of High Sierra terrain and the thin air? That tends to strip away the guarded layers.

She turned the pedals with me in the high noon sun.
He was super steady ripping that descent.
We were together when the rain blew in quickly.

Those are the types of shared sensations that make a meeting about experience rather than expectation. Those were the types of shared experiences that marked our four days near Mammoth Lakes, California last week, our western summit. We brought together our ambassadors to meet, pedal and to share what defines riding. Here’s what we learned.

Photos by Meg McMahon

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“My favorite thing was reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. The group was HANDS DOWN one of the coolest/raddest/most-inspiring I've had the fortune of being around.”

- Anna Grace Christiansen

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“For me, the Velocio Athlete Summit wasn't just about celebrating phenomenal cycling wear - but is best punctuated by the laughs shared and friendships forged. We all left with heightened knowledge of the brand, but perhaps more impressively, left with a stronger community of like-minded individuals who will return to our respective cycling scenes and share the stoke from our experiences.”

- Katie Araujo

“We were in one of the most beautiful spots in the country, but one of my favorite moments was listening to Brad revisit the progression of Velocio apparel and hearing Andrew talk about his sheer joy of seeing their pipe dreams start to become reality.”

- Sara Headley
“I was stoked to learn about the sustainable practices of the factories that Velocio uses for manufacturing! That's RAD.”

- Anna Grace Christiansen

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“I’ve worked with a lot of brands and I have never felt such enthusiasm for a brand during an event and most importantly after. The combination of people, product and dialogue produced such a positive vibe. Feel like all I’ve been doing since I left Mammoth is talk about Velocio and the weekend.”

- Meg McMahon, Photographer

“I’ve been to dozens of training camps in my day. Of course they’re meant to serve the general purpose of training, but then there are slightly different or specific ones like media camps, team building camps, altitude camps, sprint camps, climbing camps, and so forth. Without the element of competition at the Velocio athlete summit, this was the most fun I’ve had on two wheels at a camp. It really took me by surprise that despite no one really knowing more than maybe one other person, how quickly the group melded together and we became a unit. The whole get away was a blast!”

- Ted King

“A highlight was the number of new friendships made.”

- Priscilla Savord

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“It's really refreshing to have all the good parts of a training camp (like riding and food and company) but with a really supportive and friendly atmosphere. Everyone wanted everyone else to have a great time. I guess that speaks to the apparel, none of us are trying to look "pro" or fast. We just want to look sharp, be comfortable and have fun.”

- James Stout

“THAT SNOWBALL FIGHT! was amazing.”

- Anna Grace Christiansen

Michelin Star Chef of San Francisco’s SPQR, Matthew Accarrino, elevated the weekend experience. He combined his cooking prowess with his personal understanding of what a cyclist enjoys eating. The result is healthy, simple, nourishing and well rounded to top off energy stores for another hard day at altitude.

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'We arrived in Mammoth as a group of community-focused cyclists and acquaintances who shared the sole common thread of passion for Velocio. Through miles at elevation, dodging rain and snow and hiding from the wind, we grew closer together by facing and conquering adversity together.”

- Katie Araujo

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“Personal take away: Never come to a Velocio 'training camp' unfit”

- Priscilla Savord
Velocio isn't just a great kit. It embodies creativity, vision, and dedication. That was more clear to me than ever after our weekend in Mammoth with the founders.”

- Sara Headley