My mom is just over twice my age, which means she has a lot more practical wisdom than I do. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to pick up on some things. Surely she’s taught me all that I know, but not all that she knows.
- Reese Ruland


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Kathy Ruland is wearing the ES Chevron Jersey in Beet, Signature Fly Bibs in Navy, Race Glove in Petrol and Wind Vest in Celeste. Photo: Adam Concannon


Don’t forget to sing in the lifeboats. If things aren’t going well, make the most of it.

Reese Ruland is wearing the ES Chevron Jersey in Celeste, Signature Fly Bibs in Petrol, Wind Vest in Black, and Signature Socks in Ocean Blue. Kathy is wearing the Ultralight Jersey in Beet. Photo: Adam Concannon


Choose happiness. My mom, despite of or maybe because of her age, is the quintessential free spirit. She still travels the world backpacking with friends and hiking in the mountains because it simply makes her happy. Once you find out what puts a smile on your face, keep doing that until it doesn’t.

Reese is wearing the ES Stained Glass Jersey in Celeste, Black Wind Vest, Signature Fly Knicker and Race Glove in Charcoal Pinstripe. Photo: Adam Concannon


Spend your money wisely. Buy experiences (ie travel), good food and good gear that will take you places. It’s hard to have buyer’s remorse.

Photo: Jeff Yingling/@whistlepig 


Leggings and spandex count as pants.

Photo: Jeff Yingling


Talk to strangers. This seems like the opposite of something I should have learned from my mom. But in all of our vacations and travels, some of the best experiences and friendships have blossomed out of great interactions.

Photo: Adam Concannon
Eat dessert. We’re both partial to a good salad or healthy meal, but my mom literally takes the cake when it comes to dessert. I’ve never seen anyone else her size eat a massive slice of cake plus half a pint of ice cream after a big dinner. But it’s a good lesson for me. It makes me realized that I don’t need to “should all over myself.” “I shouldn’t do that...etc” I’m prone to being overly rigid with things in my life I feel like I can control.

Photo: Jeff Yingling
Always take the road less traveled. Sure it can be scary cause you might get lost along the way, but that’s all part of the grand adventure.


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