A great coffee stop is a part of many great rides. To solve my dilemma of where to go, I decided to bring the coffee stop to me (and share it with others). I started Accarrino’s Coffee & donuts on Weekends out of the front door of my Michelin Star restaurant SPQR Fillmore in San Francisco. Some time on, we are going strong, and don’t plan on stopping. What started as a ‘pop-up’ has become a neighborhood staple and real community builder. Yes we get plenty of cyclists but also neighborhood traffic and people looking for something fun to do while out on a weekend. We actually get a whole lot of crossover, people discovering our restaurant for Coffee & Donuts and coming back for dinner and vice versa. I even started my own pancake and waffle mix (and granola) company called the Electric Breakfast Company, which is available at the restaurant and online. I do love a good breakfast.

While as the name suggests we mainly focus on fresh hot (cooked to order beignet style donuts, I once cooked in New Orleans), espresso and coffee drinks, we have from time to time added a wide array of baked items from weekend to weekend.

Here just in time for the holidays are a few favorites baking recipes to make at home, coincidentally they work well as nutrition on the bike. A cyclist chef that makes his own ride food…go figure.


Makes (plenty) 12-20 each


Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl and work butter into tiny pieces (biscuit method).

Add kale and cheese. Add egg and liquid. Stir in using a spoon to form a cohesive dough, finish by hand on a lightly floured surface. Take care not to overwork. 

Roll on a well-floured surface 1” thick and cut triangles. You can gently reform any trim and re-roll.

Spritz with water or brush with egg wash and top with a sprinkle of cheese.

Bake at 350-375 degrees for 10-12 minutes or desired doneness.

Banana Rice Cake

Makes one 8x12 cake or 18-24 small muffin size cakes

This recipe makes a rich cake with some potential add ins to up the texture and nutrition. The cooked rice is a great way to use up leftovers and create some texture. Just a bit does the trick but I’ll leave the amount up to you.

Buckwheat, apple and cinnamon cookie ‘sandwiches’

Makes 14-18 2 ½" to 3” cookies

These cookies are great as is or filled with the coconut and dried apple ‘icing’ for extra flavor. Big bonus, the icing does not run when it gets warm (say in your pocket on a ride). The buckwheat groats give a little extra crunch, which is great for adding texture to keep eating interesting. No buckwheat you can use quinoa.