Tiffany Cromwell is a professional cyclist racing around the world at the sport's highest level. When the Australian racer isn't racing or training in her dual home bases of Adelaide and Monaco, she lends her design talents to projects like the new Velocio Origami Kit. She gives the scoop on where she finds inspiration and her goals as a designer.

You've been designing for a bit. Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to open your eyes. I'm very lucky that through my sport I have the opportunity to travel the world and I certainly draw a lot of inspiration through things I see in my travels. Whether it's an interesting landscape that has a unique colour scheme to street fashion with an edge. Sometimes I look through magazines at the latest trends or something on social media may catch my eye that I think could make a cool print for a cycling outfit.


They say if you fold 1000 paper cranes, you are granted a wish. What would that wish be?

Oh, this is tough!!!! I wish to be successful in the various endeavors I take on throughout my life.

What's next for you design wise? What would you like to do with your interest in it?

In the near future, I have a small project I'm working on for a friend to design her custom Tri suit. That should be fun as I can be pretty creative with it. I'm also working on a concept for the annual St Tropez to Monaco charity ride commemorative kit that will take place in April next year.When I finish my cycling I would love to go back and complete my fashion studies but in one of the big international schools such as Central St Martins in London or Parsons in New York. I want to get into mainstream fashion, perhaps as an artistic director working with a major brand on creating the story and concept for their runway shows working with their beautiful clothes, or perhaps go into fashion marketing or photography. I would love to be a designer and have my own label one day but we'll see. I have lots of ideas as to what I want to do with my interest in fashion.

Who are your design heroes?

Coco Chanel. She is someone I very much admire for the empire she built coming from almost nothing. The way she helped shape the fashion world into what we see today and how she changed the rules and broke the mould of how women were meant to dress.

Anything else to add?

I'm really excited about the collaboration with Velocio. To have the opportunity to work together and bring to life one of my designs through great apparel. I just hope everyone loves the design and the kit as much as we do.