On Location: Tucson, Part II


The mornings are cold. So it goes in the desert. As pedals turn and the temperature rises, the day loosens up. The details that improved the fit and form of our latest collection disappear over a long ride. Pedaling through the Tuscon desert on pavement and gravel, across flat expanses and up storied climbs is an early season delight. What follows is a look into the new collection that brought us here.

velocio Velocio_SS20_233
velocio Velocio_SS20_228
velocio Velocio_SS20_241
velocio Velocio_SS20_239
velocio Velocio_SS20_168
Brad (left) wearing Breton SE Jersey / LUXE Bib Short
velocio 200213_Velocio_05024
velocio 200213_Velocio_05157_208d7666 f955 4a2e 9097 82b93c25156a
velocio 200213_Velocio_05967
velocio 200213_Velocio_06092
velocio 200213_Velocio_06085
velocio Velocio_SS20_077
velocio Velocio_SS20_090
velocio Velocio_SS20_086
velocio Velocio_SS20_136
velocio Velocio_SS20_094
velocio Velocio_SS20_128


For 2020, we took every piece of feedback, every design note, every piece of material review and reconsidered all of our pieces. With visual designs that aim to capture the moment in cycling: organic, clean and representing an ethic of adventure, our Spring / Summer 2020 Collection is the realization of everything we've learned to make riding better.