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Part I: A non-scientific study

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No Compromises.

Built from the ground up, our bib shorts & tights are designed differently to address a few questions we've heard for years: Why do women shy away from bib shorts? Would that change if we created a pair they wanted to wear? 

The FLY is just that. It's freedom, convenience, speed, efficiency, and a better riding experience. That's why we've extended it throughout the Velocio product line and why we've won awards and been a go-to choice for women searching for an uncompromising solution to comfort and performance.


"Life is demanding, but I’m passionate about everything I do.  Being driven to be the best means I have to be efficient in all the time, but especially in training as I have to maximize every minute. It may seem like a small detail, but the time these bibs save is time I spend riding not changing. It turns a five hour ride into four without long budgeted pit stops. I mean, I drink a lot of coffee with this crazy schedule of mine."

- Amber Ferreira- Pro triathlete, Ironman Winner, Coach and featured in our Further : Part I video.

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Performance First

Bib shorts have been passed over by women for years because of issues around riding comfort. No more. Velocio Fly Bib Shorts & Tights, are stand-alone amazing bibs before the namesake rear zipper is even considered. However, with the unique bit of technology added the result is a high performance bib with an easy-on / easy-off, mid-ride bathroom break option. No halters. No oddly-placed seams. No jersey, helmet and sunglasses removal.


Why bibs over shorts?

Simply put: comfort, no pressure on the waist, a streamlined and more flattering fit (think Spanx).

Do I have to take any clothes off for a nature break?

No. You merely need to unzip and squat. The release of pressure on the shoulders makes this easy to pull down and puts you on pace with men as they hit up a quick nature break. 

Will I be exposing myself?

No- a zipper auto lock means the fly can't be undone during a ride. The only way you'll expose yourself is if you pick an indiscreet bathroom spot!

How do the bib straps help with the function of these bibs? 

The straps are flexible enough to stretch and pull down, but supportive enough to ride. Bending forward while peeing is a key movement to let the shorts slide down. 

How far down does the zipper go? 

Generally your jersey will partially cover the fly. The zipper is approximately 4.5” long. The zipper stops about 1inch above the chamois and only is in the back of the bibs.

Do I wear underwear with my bibs?

NEVER. Too many layers of fabric increases friction which is why the chamois construction is so important for anti microbial purposes and also comfort in the saddle for long periods of time. 

Will the zipper be uncomfortable or will I feel it?

An internal zipper flap and garage means a soft feel next to the skin and an indistinguishable feature while riding.

In the event that you don't love everything about these bibs, they can be returned for a full refund as a part of our Signature Guarantee.