The concept is to find the extremes of what’s possible. Named after the design process, CONCEPT is a no compromise collection, an all day riding, aerodynamic, highly compressive bib short and jersey combination that has no rival. We created the CONCEPT collection without limits on fabric use, cost or innovation. It’s marked by leading-edge design: the best iteration of these products available anywhere.



Made to feel unrivaled, the CONCEPT Jersey was modeled to cut through the air seamlessly. Ride all day. Smash a race effort. This is a jersey without peer, a high performance piece of clothing designed in a riding position and made to perform.


There is a better way to design a bib short. We started with a new pad. Not a sourced pad, nor a pad that we 3D printed, but our own new design for a cycling pad combining high density foam, anti-vibration inserts and a pre-shaped anatomically moulded contour with exceptional breathability.

From there, we wrapped this bib short in premium compression fabrics and a unique aero construction. The result is a new concept in Bib Short design, elevating comfort and performance, providing you and uncompromising feel.


The new chamois developed exclusively for the CONCEPT bib shorts uses several techniques to create something totally new. Designed to "float", the chamois is totally integrated into the patterning of the short, meaning fewer seams and chafe points, and a more fluid pedaling motion. 

This new design means the chamois stays in place while you pedal, conforming to your body and matching your every move. From the outside, it's the cleanest and most streamlined bib short available on the market today and sets a new standard for what's possible for high performance cycling apparel.

CONCEPT Merino Jersey

Long the choice for cycling, wool jerseys stopped evolving. The Merino CONCEPT Jersey is a high performance answer to a quarter century of lost development. Versatile across cool temperatures and comfortable for high output riding, the Merino Concept takes advantage of wool’s natural moisture management, odor resistance and antibacterial properties.

CONCEPT Collection

Our most advanced collection of performance apparel. Designed for the hardest efforts, the big days, the PR's - when every detail counts.

Compare any CONCEPT with any other cycling apparel available. If it doesn’t exceed your expectations. If it isn’t the finest you’ve ridden in, return it within 30 days for a refund.

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