Geoff Kabush is a cycling icon. With over 25 years of racing experience, including three Olympic Games and 15 National Championships, the born and bred Canadian made his name racing mountain bike World Cups before evolving with the sport to a multi-discipline threat in gravel and mountain bike stage racing. Moreover, he’s been an outspoken advocate for progress in sport calling out doping culture and consistently using his platform as an athlete unabashedly for progress.

Here’s the thing about Kabush though that makes his career still more compelling to review. At no point has he ever left behind the fun of racing. In a sport of super serious personalities, Kabush has long poked holes in cycling’s severity. He once wore a three-piece denim suit to heckle friends at cyclocross events, he released a “Belgian cyclocross training video” on how to efficiently drink a Belgian beer and despite a cross country background, he’s equally at home on a long-travel bike in serious downhill terrain. For Geoff, bikes are still bikes and celebrating that experience remains.

We’re proud to partner with Geoff amidst the “sabbatical” year of 2020 with an eye towards cycling’s future great experiences.

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