Local riders Jimmy Smith and Zeyphr Sylvester showed us some of their favorite trails for a taste of the foothills of Colorado.

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Marshall Mesa Hot Lap | Boulder

With close proximity to town, this ride makes for a great option when time is of the essence. You can either pedal or drive to the trailhead and knock out this loop in just under an hour. Featuring mellow terrain, an XC bike is best, but a shorter travel trail bike or even a gravel bike will do if you're up for the challenge.

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Zeyphr Sylvester wearing Micromodal TRAIL Tee and TRAIL Gloves

Longhorn | Golden

Featuring one of the few designated downhill traffic-only trails on the Front Range, this ride is a must for those who like to get rowdy. A rocky, loose doubletrack takes you up to the top in a hurry, followed by a short loop and an uninterrupted (and downhill only) descent on Longhorn. The more travel the better for this one.

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Zeyphr in the RECON Snap Jacket while loading up
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Hall Ranch | Lyons

There are a few different ways to ride Hall Ranch, but this is my absolute favorite. You maximize the fun by climbing the easy way up Antelope, do the Lollipop Loop clockwise, then smash down the Bitterbrush rock garden. Best enjoyed with a 140ish travel trail bike.

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