On Location: Tucson, Part I


There are options in Tucson. Long a spot for winter cycling escape, training camps, and inexpensive post-ride burritos, Tucson owns bits road racing lore. Today, Tucson offers up adventure rides and gravel roads, available without driving. It bears a new flavor of community and an accessible scene that invites any who love to ride. We took to the roads of Pima County for our Spring / Summer 2020 launch riding Park Link Road, Gates Pass and the venerable Mount Lemmon.

velocio 200213_Velocio_00069
Will Loyd in Breton SE Jersey

Park Link Drive

There is a gradual climb on Park Link road that lasts 18 miles. No traffic. No billboards. No services, just a quiet meditation on riding and a pedal through the desert.

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velocio 200213_Velocio_00011
velocio 200213_Velocio_00054
velocio 200213_Velocio_01564
velocio 200213_Velocio_01953
velocio 200213_Velocio_01091
Stephen Pedone in Signature Jersey / LUXE Bib Short
velocio 200213_Velocio_02080

Gates Pass

It boasts Tucson’s best views and winds through Saguaro cactus and Pinyon pines rolling up through the Tucson Mountains. Gates Pass is three miles of legendary riding.

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velocio 200213_Velocio_02493
velocio 200213_Velocio_02262
Ellen Noble & Lauren attacking the lower slopes in the new Ultralight
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velocio 200213_Velocio_02628

Mt. Lemmon

Climbing over 6000 feet in 28 miles, Mount Lemmon is a climber’s dream, an ideal swooping lift through Saguaro National Park and an iconic ride known throughout cycling.

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S/S '20

For 2020, we took every piece of feedback, every design note, every piece of material review and reconsidered all of our pieces. With visual designs that aim to capture the moment in cycling: organic, clean and representing an ethic of adventure, our Spring / Summer 2020 Collection is the realization of everything we've learned to make riding better.