It's all in the name

Badlands. A bikepacking challenge through heat, sand, mountains, and valleys across Europe's only deserts. Nothing about the 780km, +15,000m course is easy. For 2022, Velocio // Exploro rider Cynthia Frazier and ambassadors Marion Dziwnik, Ulrich Bartholmoes, and Robert Krügel pedaled across the barren landscape, taking on the heralded and harrowing unsupported event.

Facing exhuastion and sleep deprivation, riders barely stop, hoping to finish in only a couple of days.

Done and, quite literally, dusted, riders could barely pedal another stroke. Badlands 2022 was complete. The allure and challenge of Badlands 2023 remained.


Ulrich Bartholmoes - 5th Overall

Moving time: 44h 57m

Stopped time: 4h 57m

Cynthia Frazier - 2nd Women's Overall

Moving time: 59h 0m

Stopped time: 4h 5m

Marion Dziwnik - 5th Women's Overall

Moving time: 59h 13m

Stopped time: 8h 37m

Photos: & Nils Laengner