The three pillars of the Velocio brand inform every decision we make: design, responsibility and our culture govern what we make, how, and with whom we partner and support. They highlight the difference between Velocio and countless competitors. They mark the guide rails for our path ahead, our events, planning and product to come.


If you break cycling apparel down to only the brands with progressive and proprietary designs, the remaining options are quite small. With the Flyfree collection now the leading women's bib short on the market, thanks to a no-compromise, pee-break friendly design, the CONCEPT lineup with an entirely reconsidered design imprint or our weather-beating outerwear from the Alpha Collection to the Ultralight Wind Vest, we create apparel tested and proven through the widest range of conditions to address the goal of enhancing your riding experience.

In 2020, we’re upping our game with more recycled fabrics expanded throughout the line. We went from from four jerseys in 2019 to ten in 2020 bearing recycled fabrics. Furthermore, natural fibers are now fully incorporated to our push and mission. We’re proud of products like the RECON Micromodal Jersey which push the technical standard for natural fibers.

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Furthermore we pushed further refinement of styles, new colorways and prints, and new products in every category we make. The emphasis remains on performance and durability.


In the latter part of 2019, we wrote checks for over $55,000 to progressive causes important to cycling and to a broader culture at large. Looking ahead to 2020, our commitment to Unity continues, the 1% for the Planet efforts continue, and we’re making a bigger push on illustrating and supporting the non-traditional cyclist (in other words, the non-elite athlete). We’re finding a better way in all that we do through 2020. We’ve partnered with new ambassadors in key positions not just for their cycling resume but because they each represent something more, they strive for more within the community and they use their platform to extend and improve the larger scene. Related, we’re supporting more events, both in person with visits from Rosie, our mobile Airstream and as a brand sponsor.

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We’ve only grown closer to our Italian manufacturing partners since we highlighted our collaboration last spring. The process with those partners is defined not only by their decades of experience working with the finest performance fabrics in the world, but also by how they produce each and every garment. We’re growing and that means finding still more like-minded makers for our apparel. We’re dedicated to working with manufacturing partners that we can be proud of, partners that push our commitment to sustainability. We work with mills that push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of performance, durability and sustainability and we’ll continue to be transparent about how the process informs the product. Furthermore, we’ll continue to reduce our packaging footprint with a continuation of our biocompostable packaging and a push for post-consumer recycled hangers and tags.

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In 2020, we’ll launch a TRAIL Work Initiative with a focus on outreach and support for local chapters of trail builders in the U.S. to support more public land use and conservation a follow up to the fundraising from our 2019 1% for the Planet Jersey which raised $25,000 for the Conservation Alliance public lands fund. This important piece of activism supported by the outdoor industry is critical to maintaining wild places. 2020 will mark a continuation of the Unity Campaign as well as the 1% for the Planet Jersey Campaign, the latter with a mountain bike flavor.

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Our origins define where we’re going and our resolution for 2020 is to ride more: more days, more miles, more new places, more events and more designs for testing. We’ll pop up at Sea Otter. We’ll get deep at Rooted. We’ll find new roads from Steamboat to Madison, from Los Angeles to Austin. Check out our event calendar to see where you can meet Rosie, our intrepid adventuring Airstream. We haven't market tested anything we've brought to the brand. There are no focus groups for images or trends. Founded by serious cyclists and supported the world over by committed racers, riders and those who seek a better cycling experience, Velocio has always been, and always will be, about creating a better experience on the bike.

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