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Norway Lookbook: Deep Winter

In the deepest days of winter, motivation is to be first cultivated, then preserved. Cold weather riding is unforgiving. Mercifully, our new layering system offers absolution for the sins of cold weather. There are countless roads that promise great riding when the mercury drops and snow appears road side, but all too often, those rides go unridden; those days pass by without a great riding experience. Our Alpha Layering system wraps up motivation and comfort into a versatile package ideal for the coldest days and the harshest weather and it is available now for the deepest days of winter.

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Line Gullicksen wears our Softshell Jacket. The Oslo-based racer works part time in an outdoor shop to support her full-time racing career.
velocio ZUPER 5023
Ride together when the wind chill rises.
Wearing the Ultralight Rain Jacket, Coach Adam Pulford pushes on in the wet and the cold.
velocio ZUPER 5327
velocio ZUPER 5356
velocio ZUPER 7178
velocio ZUPER 14327
velocio ZUPER 14636
velocio ZUPER 11967
velocio ZUPER 14089
velocio ZUPER 7623
velocio ZUPER 13882

There are myriad rides that are best experienced in the coldest months of the winter. Don’t let the experience pass.

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